RAD-AID Hexarad Global Radiology Program

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RAD-AID International and the Hexarad are pleased to collaborate on a program designed to give Hexarad radiology readers and registrars the opportunity to contribute to the health care needs of the low-resource regions. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that two-thirds of the world’s population has little or no access to radiology services. Radiologists are a vital part of the solution because high quality imaging that is safe for patients and effective for diagnosis requires highly skilled imaging and therapy professionals. To address this worldwide problem, RAD-AID and the Hexarad are collaborating to offer funded opportunities to support Hexarad radiologists interested in volunteering in underserved regions of the world. Recipients of this award will join RAD-AID’s project teams in international initiatives designed to improve access to quality medical imaging for populations in need.

RAD-AID volunteers in Guyana providing radiology education and curriculum support for new CT installations

Participants in the Program will work in RAD-AID teams to assess, plan, develop, and implement radiology projects.   Potential projects include (but are not limited to): (i) teach radiology image interpretation and image-guided procedures to on-site radiology professionals, (ii) analyze radiology workflows and patient care strategies at low-resource facilities to help improve radiology service-delivery, (iii) give instruction on patient-safety and equipment-management, (iv) on improved radiation safety protocols for patient dose optimization and personnel protection, and (iv) delivery of radiology education, including lectures, demonstrations and case presentations.

Participants will undergo a phone/web-based orientation from RAD-AID covering history and background on prior and current work ongoing in the target institution, country, and region, in order to make concrete work-plans and objectives for radiology capacity-building strategies. 

RAD-AID radiologist volunteer in Tanzania providing breast imaging educational support

Travel time, project duration, and the location of your project are flexible to fit your busy schedule. Our brief online application helps us to learn about your interests, availability, and objectives so that we can match you to the best project for linking your skills to the needs of our partner hospitals in low and middle income countries.

We plan our programs and team objectives based on RAD-AID’s Radiology-Readiness assessments in order to analyze the existing resources at a health institution and identify high-yield goals for these institutions so that RAD-AID programs offer targeted solutions to fill the gaps between those resources and goals. Your participation in a RAD-AID team as part of the RAD-AID Hexarad Global Radiology Program is an important part of that solution.

Please consider applying for this opportunity to use your skills as a radiologist in service to developing regions of the world. The experience of working in a multidisciplinary team for radiology around the world can be personally and professionally fulfilling as you learn about other cultures and health care systems, to use your talents for improving global health.

Start RAD-AID Hexarad Global Radiology Application Process