USA – Women’s Health Access Initiative

John R. Scheel, MD, PhD, MPH

Director, RAD-AID USA Women’s Health Access Initiative

Dr. John R. Scheel is a breast imager at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and serves as the Vice Chairman of Global and Planetary Health in the Department of Radiology. Dr. Scheel earned his B.S. with high honors from the University of California, Riverside and his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California, San Diego. He completed his radiology residency and breast imaging fellowship at the University of Virginia and his Master of Public Health from the University of Washington. He spent 10 years as faculty in the Department of Radiology at the University of Washington.


Catherine Duggan, PhD

Research Project Manager, RAD-AID USA Women’s Health Access Initiative

Dr. Catherine Duggan is an epidemiologist in Public Health Sciences Division at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. She obtained her PhD in Biochemistry at University College Dublin, and has over 20 years’ experience in breast cancer research including postdoctoral fellowships at the Institute Pasteur, Lille, France, and at Cancer Research UK, London. She currently works in the fields of cancer prevention and health disparities, and is Scientific Director of the Breast Health Global Initiative.


Marisa Hartman, BA

Project Administrator, RAD-AID USA Women’s Health Access Initiative

Marisa Hartman is a research administrator, currently as an independent consultant, at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. She has worked with the Breast Health Global Initiative at Fred Hutch since 2008 supporting the team to create breast health guidelines to improve global breast cancer outcomes, and has served as program manager for the Global Breast Cancer Initiative at the World Health Organization. For RAD-AID USA, she is continuing working in this field to improve women’s health access to breast and cervical cancer screening and to reduce health disparities.


Olive Peart MS, RT(R)(M)

Program Manager, Mammography Technologist, RAD-AID USA Women’s Health Access Initiative

Olive Peart has worked as a mammography and radiologic technologist for over 30 years and has lectured both nationally and internationally on mammography and radiologic related topics. She completed her Master of Science degree in education at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut and is currently the program director with the radiologic technology program at Fortis College, Landover, MD. For RAD-AID USA, Ms. Peart provides training and educational resources to improve technologist performance and assists sites in maintaining MQSA auditing and quality improvement standards.


Mary Wetherall, RN, MSN, HN-BC

Director of Nursing, RAD-AID USA Women’s Health Access Initiative

Mary Wetherall is a Nurse Executive specializing in improving primary care access in underserved communities. She is currently working towards her Doctorate in Nursing Practice at Baylor University. Ms. Wetherall has earned certifications in Women in Leadership from Cornell University and the UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive Program at UCLA’s Anderson School.  She is board certified in Holistic Nursing. For RAD-AID USA, Ms. Wetherall provides training and support for patient and community outreach navigators to improve the patient experience. 

Jennifer Kline Zuk, BS

EMR/Informatics Project Manager, RAD-AID USA Women’s Health Access Initiative

Jenn Zuk is a data analyst assisting program sites in optimizing use of their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and linking patient data to the RAD-AID USA population management system. She has worked with numerous EMR systems including EPIC, MagView and McKesson. Since 2018, Ms. Zuk has been certified in EPIC’s Radiant and Breast Imaging Screening programs. Ms. Zuk has expertise in enhancing EMR systems to facilitate data entry for technologists and radiologists and extraction for analysis.


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