Children’s Health

Volunteer with RAD-AID Children’s Health

One Billion Children live in poverty worldwide with little or no radiology to care for them. That means, no x-ray radiography for their pneumonias; no ultrasound to protect them as babies; no imaging to treat their injuries. Pediatric radiology professionals (Techs, MDs and Nurses) are rare or nonexistent in the developing world. RAD-AID seeks to change all that. If you are a pediatric radiology professional, please join our teams in bringing vital medical imaging to the children of the world.

RAD-AID has launched several program initiatives in Children’s Health:

By submitting your application above, RAD-AID’s teams are now recruiting Pediatric Radiologists, Pediatric Radiologic Technologists and ObGyn/Pediatric Sonographers. Once we receive your application, you are eligible to participate in any RAD-AID team anywhere in the world. This gives you the opportunity to work with other RAD-AID members to carry out global health objectives for children. Our process is very selective because we seek the best applicants to be matched with the right team to ensure that we maximize our efforts.

The second of these initiatives is a partnership with the World Federation of Pediatric Imaging (WFPI) and the World Health Organization to upgrade RAD-AID’s Radiology-Readiness Assessment Instrument to expand analysis of pediatric radiology infrastructure in the developing world. Additionally, RAD-AID and WFPI will work with WHO to optimize program outreach for global children’s health. RAD-AID, WFPI and WHO produced a Joint Statement on Childrens Health.

If you are a pediatric radiology professional (radiologist, technologist, or nurse), we encourage you to volunteer and apply that we an include you in the global RAD-AID team for global children’s health. If you have questions about this program, please email us at