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RAD-AID is one of the growing international aid organizations providing leading edge technology

RAD-AID is one of many international aid organizations, so you might ask, what makes RAD-AID different? To begin, international health is a fast-evolving field where the leading edge of technology is essential for saving lives. RAD-AID is a radiology aid organization delivering medical imaging support and technology to poor and developing (low- and middle-income) countries. This is important because radiology is vital for most medical decisions.  Screening programs to detect cancer use radiology to find cancers early, so that we can treat early and save lives. Hospitals need radiology to detect infections like pneumonia or tuberculosis, using x-ray radiography or CT, so that we can treat and save millions of lives. Prenatal caregivers use ultrasound for imaging the fetus and caring for the mother, to maximize the safety and well-being of mom and baby. (learn more, what is radiology?)

RAD-AID is also based on very detailed assessments for deciding how best to deliver aid in a poor country or medically underserved community. Those assessments are called Radiology-Readiness, so that we can ask the question, “is a low-resource country ready for radiology?” Those assessments make sure that no donated dollar goes to waste and we maximize the impact of giving medical images to a community. Every program in RAD-AID (learn how we work) is based on the assessments and we make sure that we are fine-tuning our approaches to what the assessment data says can be most effective. But, in our approach, “aid” does not mean “handout.” RAD-AID works with our international partners to teach, train and support local health workers so that sustainability is achieved. We have a systematic method for investing in domestic health capacity, infrastructure, and personnel, and then gradually transitioning services into the hands of our partner countries. RAD-AID emphasizes economic development and economic empowerment to advance local health care resources.

RAD-AID one of the expanding International Aid Organizations with a growing portfolio of international aid outreach efforts

As an international aid organization, RAD-AID is committed to building the very best volunteer teams of health professionals across a variety of backgrounds, including physicians, technologists, medical students, sonographers, nurses, public health professionals, and information technology specialists. Interdisciplinary teams deliver the very best health care support, and our team members learn to work together in achieving the best outcomes for our programs.

RAD-AID is also part of a family of international aid organizations. RAD-AID affiliated with the United Nations and World Health Organization in 2015, to produce collaborations across the world. RAD-AID has worked with Project HOPE, ASRT, CAMRT, SCoR, Sonography Canada, SIIM, SIR, SNMMI, RSNA, ACR, Philips Foundation, Google Foundation, Gorkha Foundation, and numerous others. Through a spirit of collaboration (see our partners) and commitment to global health, RAD-AID received awards from the Clinton Global Initiative (2012), American Medical Association (2013), American College of Radiology (2015) and Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (2016). Each of the RAD-AID chapters, spanning the 75 affiliated academic medical centers, is also part of RAD-AID’s growing portfolio of international aid outreach efforts.

RAD-AID’s mission is to increase and improve radiology resources in the developing and impoverished countries of the world. Radiology is a part of nearly every segment of health care, including pediatrics, obstetrics, medicine and surgery, making the absence of radiology a critical piece of global health disparity. We welcome you to become part of RAD-AID – one of the growing international aid organizations advocating for medical technology in poor and developing countries.

We welcome you to join RAD-AID in our commitment to international health.

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