Volunteer with RAD-AID Botswana

In 2021, RAD-AID launched a program in Botswana under the leadership Dr. Abass Noor and Dr. Wallace Miller. Dr. Miller, Emeritus Professor CE of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania, relocated to Gaborone in Botswana, to work with local radiology stakeholders and develop the country’s first radiology residency program.

The Radiology Readiness Assessment revealed challenges in access to radiology services and education. RAD-AID Botswana Program goals include but are not limited to, providing scholarship grants to eligible multidisciplinary professionals to further their education, identify opportunities to implement and/or enhance health IT and PACS, contribute to the radiology residency program, and contribute to increasing educational capacity for technologists. Volunteer with RAD-AID Botswana today!

Dr. Miller teaching mammography-guided breast biopsies at Princess Marina Hospital, Botswana.