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We welcome you to become part of RAD-AID as a growing global organization of advocates for medical technology in low resource regions.

Resource Center

RAD-AID has compiled resources that provide case studies and guidance for global radiology project planning and implementation based on Radiology Readiness methodology. Our practices place emphasis on collaboration in partnerships, development of local infrastructure and economies, and support of human capacity development. This foundational work creates a rich environment for sustainable clinical education initiatives.

The RAD-AID Resource Center has guidance on conducting Radiology Readiness, gives background on artificial intelligence in global radiology, contains published Country Reports, and has a compilation of RAD-AID publications. Additionally, the Resource Center contains information about RAD-AID programs, such as the RAD-AID Certificate of Proficiency in Global Health Radiology, the RAD-AID Inteleos Global Health Ultrasound Proficiency, and the RAD-AID Learning Center.

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