Kristin Pahl, MGH, MSRS, RPA/RRA

Operations Director, RAD-AID Ultrasound

Kristin Pahl is a Radiology Practitioner Assistant, Registered Radiologist Assistant, and Global Health Practitioner. She has clinical experience and educational experience in the United States, along with Global Health experience in low-and-middle-income countries. She has extensive experience as an implementation and workflow specialist. She became involved with RAD-AID in 2015 as a technologist educator with RAD-AID Laos and has led the RAD-AID Liberia Program for seven years. She hopes to increase access to ultrasound education throughout RAD-AID partner programs.

Phoebe Mandry, RT(R), CRGS

Associate Operations Director, RAD-AID Ultrasound

Phoebe Mandry is a Medical Radiation Technologist and Diagnostic Medical Sonographer from Canada, currently living in France. She became involved with RAD-AID in 2018, after attending the RAD-AID Conference and participated in her first volunteer project with RAD-AID Tanzania in 2019. Growing up in a rural Métis community in Northern Ontario, Canada, she understands the limitations of access to medical care in rural, medically underserved communities. As Associate Operations Director of RAD-AID Ultrasound, Phoebe plans to make project management and education and training her priorities. She believes in equitable access to medical care and in sustainable, high-standard healthcare delivery.

Christina Hendricks BS, RDMS, RMSKS, RVT, RT(R)

Ultrasound Volunteer Recruitment Director, RAD-AID Ultrasound

Christina is a senior sonographer at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in Madison, WI and serves as the sonographer representative for the UW-Madison RAD-AID Chapter. In addition to RAD-AID, Christina volunteers as a board member of the SDMS and the South Central Wisconsin Ultrasound Society (SCWUS). With the UW Wisconsin Madison RAD-AID Chapter, she made one trip to Nicaragua in February 2015 and hopes to travel to Laos in the future to continue volunteering her time to educate others in sonography. Her personal projects include creating ultrasound protocols for use in high volume clinical environments abroad, teaching endovaginal ultrasound techniques to family practice physicians in Nicaragua, and finding sustainable high-level disinfection options for use in resource limited settings to help expand and promote the safe use of endovaginal ultrasound.

Nancy Leahy, MA, RDMS, RVT

Education Director, RAD-AID Ultrasound

Nancy is a volunteer who is passionate about ultrasound. She has worked in the field of sonography for more than three decades. Throughout that time, she has held multiple sonography and leadership positions in a variety of healthcare settings. The opportunity to teach sonography led her to obtain her Master’s Degree in Adult Education and gave her the opportunity to meld her enthusiasm for learning and passion for sonography. Nancy has been volunteering in global health initiatives teaching sonography courses and hands-on scan training in low-resource countries for seven years. As part of the RAD-AID Ultrasound leadership team, Nancy has collaborated with country programs to develop comprehensive ultrasound training courses. As Education Director, her vision is to develop training programs that improve ultrasound education in low-resource regions, so all patients have access to well-trained professionals.

Robert Harris, MD

Medical Director, RAD-AID Ultrasound

Please visit the RAD-AID Rwanda Leadership page (click here) to learn more about Dr. Robert Harris.

Emily Lenzen, MS, RDMS (Abd, Ob/Gyn, Pediatrics), RVT, RMSKS

Ultrasound Equipment Implementation Advisor, RAD-AID Ultrasound 

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Diana Dowdy, DNP, CNM, RDMS, FACNM

Director, RAD-AID Midwifery and Women’s Health Point of Care Ultrasound

Please visit the RAD-AID Midwifery and Women’s Health Point of Care Ultrasound Leadership page (click here) to learn more about Diana Dowdy.

Diana Mishler, MBA-HM, RT(R)(S), RDMS

Program Manager, RAD-AID Ultrasound

Diana is a senior clinical sales specialist for Siemens. Prior to that, she was the program director for the BS in Medical Imaging Technology at Indiana University’s Kokomo campus. She is a registered radiographer and sonographer with specialties in abdomen, small parts, and OB/GYN. She has significant pediatric experience also. She serves on the Practice Standards Council with the ASRT as the sonography representative. She has also served as a sonography delegate with the ASRT. She recently traveled to Laos to teach pediatric sonography at the Laos Friends Hospital for Children. She hopes to continue working to raise awareness of safe and best practices and ethical sonography uses both in the US and abroad.