Alan Schweitzer

Technical Director, RAD-AID Informatics

Alan Schweitzer is chief technology officer at Mass General Imaging Business Development. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics and his masters in electrical and electronics engineering from Cornell University. He has extensive global health informatics experience, worked with RAD-AID during eFilm installations in Nepal, and is currently directly involved in projects in Nepal and at Black Lion Hospital in Ethiopia. For more information about RAD-AID Informatics, please email

Ameena Elahi

Operations Director, RAD-AID Informatics

Ameena holds ARRT and CIIP certifications, earned a bachelor’s degree from Drexel University in Health Administration, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management. She is a Senior Technical Analyst at Penn Medicine’s Department of Information Services, where her duties include managing electronic image sharing and co-chair of the AI Steering Committee. She worked with RAD-AID as a SIIM Global Ambassador for the RAD-AID Friendship Cloud installation in Nigeria. She joined the RAD-AID leadership team to pursue her passion for global outreach and improving healthcare for all.

Erin McGee

Associate Program Manager, RAD-AID Informatics

Erin McGee is an experienced PACS and HealthIT specialist with over 7 years of experience in PACS management and over 8 additional years of experience working in health institutions. Since 2018, Erin has directly supported and implemented RAD-AID’s PACS architecture, including cloud and on-premise platforms as well as the RAD-AID Friendship Cloud. Her expertise and experience have enabled RAD-AID’s partner institutions in underserved areas to better utilize PACS and implement secure and reliable data-management strategies.  Erin has also contributed to RAD-AID’s roll out of AI applications at low-resource hospitals in order to make vital medical imaging technologies accessible to populations in need.