Latifa Sanhaji, MD

Program Manager, RAD-AID Morocco

Dr. Latifa Sanhaji is a radiologist at the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional at UTHealth McGovern Medical School in Houston, Texas since 2005. She is fellowship trained in musculoskeletal radiology and leads the Emergency Radiology Section of an affiliated Level 1 county hospital. She implemented a UTHealth RAD-AID Chapter in August 2016. Since then, she concentrated her efforts on building a team of residents and faculty in order to provide educational, academic, clinical and technological radiology services in Morocco, francophone North African country classified as a low-middle income country. Yearly trips allowed the team under her lead to assess the local needs and build partnership with the General Radiology and Emergency Departments in the Public Hospital Ibn Sina in Rabat, Morocco, as well as providing lectures and training to Moroccan radiology residents in collaboration with the University Mohamed V Radiology Residency Program Director. The future mission will additionally include an assessment of mobile radiology services in remote areas of Morocco. As a RAD-AID Morocco Program Manager, her vision is to provide and improve life-saving radiology services to the underserved Moroccan population through education and clinical assistance.

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