Medical Volunteer Opportunities

Medical Volunteer Opportunities

RAD-AID offers many medical volunteer opportunities to health professionals across a variety of countries and disciplines, including physicians, medical students, residents, radiologic technologists, sonographers, nurses, physicians assistants, health physicists, as well as specialists in health information technologies and public health. We believe that the best international health team is interdisciplinary, with skills and backgrounds from a diverse set of health expertise to collaborate and deliver the very best effort for those in need.

Medical imaging and radiology is an essential part of nearly all medical and surgical care, including x-ray radiography for trauma, ultrasound for prenatal care, mammography for breast cancer screening, CT for cancer staging, MRI for neurologic assessments, fluoroscopy for gastrointestinal disease and angiography for cardiovascular disease, to name a few. With a wide range of applications across diseases and preventative activities, RAD-AID prioritizes having medical volunteers work together so that complimentary skills and experiences come together for an effective service delivery to poor and low-resource regions of the world. (Learn how RAD-AID Works)

Medical Volunteer Opportunities are available for health professionals in many disciplines

We also prioritize the role of learning so that RAD-AID medical volunteers not only give a great deal to the communities we serve, but also learn from their team colleagues and learn from the diverse cultures in which we serve through diverse team composition and medical experiences. Health professionals are accustomed to working together in their home hospitals. The same is true for international teams in which each RAD-AID team is a microcosm of diverse expertise.

Students in medicine, nursing, and technologist programs, along with radiology residents, can take special advantage of RAD-AID’s medical volunteer initiatives because global health can be a vital component of education and clinical experience. Roles can range from doing a radiology assessment to evaluate the availability of medical imaging, conducting research on how radiology is adapted to low-resource contexts, teaching health personnel overseas, or implementing new technologies. RAD-AID puts great energy into training its volunteers through team preparation of goals and activities, so that our teams learn how to work together long before traveling abroad. RAD-AID also has funding programs for medical volunteers so that we can help you to help the world.

To help our medical volunteers best prepare for an international experience, RAD-AID offers several resources, including the Global Health Textbook, Global Health Certificate Program, Chapters Network, Medical Clerkship, Annual RAD-AID Conference, and Research opportunities covering Country Reports and Radiology-Readiness.

RAD-AID’s mission is to increase and improve radiology resources in the developing and impoverished countries of the world. Radiology is a part of nearly every segment of health care, including pediatrics, obstetrics, medicine and surgery, making the absence of radiology a critical piece of global health disparity. If you are interested in exploring medical volunteer opportunities we welcome you to become part of RAD-AID as a growing global organization of advocates for medical technology in poor and developing countries.

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