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Grenada is an archipelagic Caribbean country. Grenada is known to have excellent primary care services, but the country is still behind in some specialized areas, including radiology. RAD-AID just launched its collaboration with St. Augustine’s Medical Services in early 2018. The hospital is located in St. George’s and has 12 inpatient beds and serves around 50,000 patients in St. George’s and the surrounding parishes. St. Augustine’s frequently receives referrals for radiography, CT, and sonography which are available seven days a week.

The goal of this collaboration is to improve the health and wellness of Grenadians by fortifying a long-standing collaboration with St. Augustine’s Medical Services and other potential local partners. We refer to the Radiology Readiness Survey that St. Augustine’s completed to identify and fulfill existing needs. RAD-AID will focus on providing training for radiology professionals and improving and optimizing the hospital’s radiology imaging units. 

RAD-AID recently completed its first trip to Grenada in October 2018. The team conducted radiology and nursing assessments, and didactic presentations on radiology safety, infection control, and interprofessional healthcare.

Any other facilities in Grenada that are interested in collaborating are welcome to complete the Radiology Readiness Survey.