Volunteer with RAD-AID Peru

RAD-AID CerviCusco collaboration

In 2016, Dr. John Scheel, Dr. Erica Pollack and Dr. Scott Widemon conducted the Radiology-Readiness Assessment at CerviCusco to evaluate how radiology can best support and advance cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment in Peru.

Under the leadership of Dr. John Scheel, RAD-AID Peru launched a novel program linking women’s health resources in rural regions of Cusco near the Andes Mountains with tertiary care services in Lima through partnerships with CerviCusco and Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplasicas (INEN).

CerviCusco RAD-AID collaborative teaching event in Peru to develop and launch program linking Lima and rural Peruvian communities for women’s health

RAD-AID continues to provide educational training and imaging resources, such as mammography and ultrasound, with community-based outreach for strengthening referral networks across Peru between primary and specialty care. As a fundamental component of delivering comprehensive women’s health care, RAD-AID Peru includes nursing education as part of the continuum of care.