Public Health-WHO

Evan Lee, MD, MBA

Liason between RAD-AID and the World Health Organization (Geneva, Switzerland)

Evan Lee is a trained MD with an MBA degree and has dedicated his career to improving access to healthcare – in the US and around the world. He has a BA from Harvard, an MD from New York University, and an MBA from MIT. His experience includes the private sector, NGO sector, and close collaborations with UN partners to address access issues for Non-Communicable Diseases – such as diabetes, as well as Communicable diseases including TB, malaria, and HIV.  Highlights include:

  • Work directly in the field in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the creation of programs to improve healthcare delivery across diverse geographies: Mexico, China, Russia, South Africa, and India
  • Driving novel digital health solutions in place to strengthen healthcare delivery.
  • Experience both implementing public-private partnerships and as a thought leader through both white papers and forums on this issue
  • Work on sustainable models that meet both business and social needs to deliver quality healthcare products and healthcare to populations in need
  • A focus on establishing meaningful metrics to measure impact

The organizations Dr. Lee has worked with include Doctors Without Borders (MSF); Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics;  Management Sciences for Health; and most recently Eli Lilly and Company, where led Eli Lilly’s global health programs working on MDR-TB and NCDs, and founded Lilly’s 30×30 initiative to reach 30 million people by 2030. Of relevance to RAD-AID, Dr. Lee’s work at FIND to implement new diagnostics and strengthen laboratory networks has provided valuable insights that he will bring to his role as liason between RAD-AID and the World Health Organization to advance the contribution of diagnostic imaging toward the WHO’s Global Targets of reducing mortality from noncommunicable diseases, communicable diseases, road traffic accidents while improving overall access to care.