How You Can Help

We welcome you to become part of RAD-AID as a growing global organization of advocates for medical technology in low resource regions.

Mission Statement

RAD-AID Mission Statement

To improve and optimize access to medical imaging and radiology in low resource regions of the world for increasing radiology’s contribution to global public health initiatives and patient care.

RAD-AID Principles

  • To conduct our business practices with the highest standard of integrity and honesty, believing that our most precious resources are our reputation and the trust of our members, partners, associates, supporters, and our community.
  • To attract and nurture the most talented, ethical, diverse, and dynamic associates in creating an environment for each individual to attain the highest professional potential in tandem with the growth and success of our organization.
  • To build an organizational culture that inspires creativity, drives innovation, and rewards perseverance. Always persevere.
  • To pursue continuous self-improvement by seizing opportunities to strengthen our organization, engaging in self-assessment, and revitalizing our mission statement.