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RAD-AID is supporting radiology capacity-building and service-delivery in Ukraine to provide and sustain humanitarian aid during the war.  Our efforts include helping to repair CT outages, expand educational collaborations, and develop health IT/PACS technologies for improving patient-care in Kyiv.  RAD-AID was pleased to include a Ukrainian presentation in the 2022 RAD-AID Conference (photo below) for discussing further collaborative efforts, and we are pursuing plans to include a follow-up Ukrainian radiology presentation in the upcoming 2023 RAD-AID Conference.

RAD-AID’s efforts in Ukraine began in 2015 via collaborations with the University of Albany based organization, Radiologists Without Borders, for breast imaging and mobile health outreach. In response to the humanitarian crisis brought on by the war, RAD-AID conducted a Radiology-Readiness Assessment and PACS-Readiness Assessment in 2022 to help low-resource Ukrainian health institutions experiencing infrastructural damage and patient care challenges.  RAD-AID received vital support in 2022-2023 from vRad’s philanthropic outreach arm,  First Read Initiative, to contribute more help to radiology providers in Ukraine.

We encourage members and volunteers in RAD-AID to join our effort to support Ukraine.

Ukraine radiology presentation during RAD-AID Conference 2022


Updating health IT and PACS, as well as digitizing imaging equipment, is critical to radiology workflow

Destruction of hospital infrastructure during the war in Ukraine