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RAD-AID Textbook: Radiology in Global Health 2nd edition

RAD-AID is pleased to offer a book that encapsulates the ideas, experiences and strategies of our growing organization. The RAD-AID textbook is designed for students, public health specialists, technologists, residents, and faculty who have an interest in understanding the implementation of radiology services in the low-resource regions of the world.

The book was edited by RAD-AID’s CEO, Daniel Mollura, MD, Melissa Culp, MEd, RT(R)(MR), and Matthew Lungren, MD, MPH with contributions from multiple authors from partner organizations and RAD-AID’s global teams. The book presents solutions to overcome disparities in the delivery of vital medical imaging services, by using an interdisciplinary framework that includes: (1) economics, (2) public health, (3) clinical design, (4) policy, (5) technology innovation, and (6) education. We hope you enjoy Radiology in Global Health.


Literature for Global Health Radiology Project Planning and Implementation

RAD-AID has compiled resources that provide case studies and guidance for global radiology project planning and implementation based on Radiology Readiness methodology. Our work emphasizes collaboration in partnerships, the development of local infrastructure and economies, and support of human capacity development. This foundational work creates a rich environment for sustainable clinical education initiatives. Click on the icon below to access RAD-AID’s Selected Bibliography.