Volunteer with RAD-AID South Pacific

According to the 2021 World Risk Index, Vanuatu is the world’s most at-risk country for natural hazards.

Vanuatu is home to 138 different and distinct Oceanic languages, producing the highest language density in the entire world, whether by land surface or population.

Ultrasound Education in Vanuatu, 2022

RAD-AID is partnered with Vila Central Hospital, located in The Republic of Vanuatu. In 2022, RAD-AID sent medical student volunteers to administer the Radiology Readiness Assessment as well as the more-specific Tele-Ultrasound Readiness assessment. The trip’s goals also included continuing POCUS education through hands-on teaching and learning. RAD-AID collaborates with WFUMB to bring PEARLS (POCUS for Emergency and Acute care in Resource-Limited Settings) education to the forefront.