COVID-19 Resources

1. RAD-AID and vRad COVID-19 Resources

Click to access RAD-AID vRad Resources and CME.  Users are encouraged to also use materials below for rapidly evolving educational info. These are not intended to be comprehensive medical guidelines but are for educational purposes only.

2. RAD-AID Business Education Program: Operational Preparedness

3. RAD-AID Ultrasound Program Resources

4. RAD-AID Nursing Program Resources

5. Articles and Resources on Imaging Diagnosis of COVID-19






6. Articles and Resources on Department of Radiology Operational Preparedness for COVID-19

7. Interventional Radiology Resources

8. Health Care Workers and Protective Measures

NOTE: Please note that these resources are not intended to be, nor presented as, comprehensive medical guidelines. These materials are instead compiled as educational references to help the radiology community respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is rapidly changing.

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