Canada – Northern Regions

Northwest Canada Healthcare Access Severity Index Map

RAD-AID is actively developing programs for northern regions of Canada where health resources are scarce in remote locations. These efforts include geographic information systems GIS research using geospatial computing tools to measure health care disparity, identify isolated populations, and strategize geographic navigation to bring mobile medical outreach to remote regions. RAD-AID is also working with Straightline Avaiation and Lockheed Martin on developing hybrid airship technologies for transporting advanced health equipment and services to northern Canadian regions lacking transportation infrastructure. These outreach efforts also include Canadian RAD-AID Chapters and RAD-AID’s partnership with the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) for jointly increasing medical outreach initiatives within and outside of Canada.

RAD-AID presented at Sonography Canada’s annual meeting in 2019 to launch a partnership between our organizations to advance ultrasound training and outreach for medically underserved areas in Canada and around the world.