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RAD-AID Business Education pilot in Ethiopia


The RAD-AID Business Education Program was developed in 2018 following requests from several of our global program participants. They requested formal radiology management and/or administrative training and education.  RAD-AID International developed a core team consisting of a radiology educator, two administrators (one that is also an attorney), and a radiologist with business management expertise to develop this program.

To help determine the areas of need or interest, a business education readiness assessment tool was developed.  This tool is available to all RAD-AID country directors or managers.  Upon completion of the readiness assessment, the business education team will work with the country team and hospital administration to develop a focused training plan for the requesting facility.

RAD-AID will send a team or individual as needed to requesting sites for their education.  We are also developing on-line education in conjunction with the Learning Center.  This process will allow us to do timely remote training as desired.

RAD-AID Business Education Program in Guyana


RAD-AID Business Education Program Mission

The RAD-AID Business Education Program will help to better prepare Imaging Leadership Professionals to become more effective managers and leaders within their areas of expertise.  Additionally, the program focuses on practicing safety and a high quality of service to their customers.

RAD-AID Business Education Program Objectives

Upon completion of the RAD-AID Business Education Program, the participant will be able to:

  1. Learn to communicate effectively with their teams, as well as manage their time to include planning and prioritization skills.
  2. Discuss setting goals and the various components required for an effective performance management system.
  3. Apply effective leadership communication techniques to build trusting relationships while aligning goals of their department with the organization.
  4. Discuss techniques that will help develop staff, promote education, and continue to develop a sustainable safe work environment.
  5. Create a working business plan for the department as well as a financial budget to provide structure and guidelines for scheduling, staffing, purchase of major equipment with service contracts and ordering of supplies to ensure productivity and fiscal responsibility.
  6. Promote and develop policies and procedures that will continue to improve patient and staff satisfaction and safety, while providing quality service.
  7. Discover and apply proven methods for improving collaboration and accountability by thinking productively, while learning to deal successfully with change, process improvement, revision and innovation.


We are excited about this program as we are one of the few philanthropic organizations that offers this type of management education.

RAD-AID is accepting applications to volunteer in RAD-AID’s Business Education Program from educators, radiology administrators and managers, along with radiologists, nurses, physicists and technologists with a management background or interest.  Apply today!

Volunteer with RAD-AID Business Education