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Gillian Battino, Director of RAD-AID Latin America, teaching in Guyana

Guyana is located on the northeastern coast of South America with a population of 750,000 people. Compared to other neighboring countries, Guyana ranks poorly in healthcare indicators. Guyana’s Ministry of Health is working to upgrade the country’s healthcare system. Guyana did not have a radiology residency program until RAD-AID started it with the Ministry of Health and University of Guyana in 2017.

RAD-AID in Guyana

According to the Radiology Readiness Assessment conducted in 2015, Guyana did not have radiology residency program, was lacking in CT scanners and health IT, and did not have adequate ultrasound service. Initial site visit was conducted by Drs. Axelrod (Hofstra North Shore LIJ RAD-AID Chapter), Berndt Schmit (University of Pittsburgh RAD-AID Chapter), Terry York, and Gillian Battino (Director of RAD-AID Latin America). In 2016, RAD-AID donated two new CT scanners to Guyana’s Public Health Ministry. The scanners are placed at Bartica Regional Hospital and the New Amsterdam Regional Hospital. Since then, RAD-AID continues working towards advancing Guyana’s radiology services.

CT education and support is part of the RAD-AID Guyana Program.


RAD-AID partners with Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC), the country’s largest hospital, the University of Guyana, and Northwell Health RAD-AID Chapter to launch the first radiology residency training program in 2017. RAD-AID also has been providing technical assistance to optimize Guyana’s GPHC’s CT scan unit.

In mid 2018, RAD-AID assisted GPHC in building and setting up a radiology reading room, planning healthcare workflow, and giving lectures. Later that year, RAD-AID nursing went to GPHC to provide BLS/ACLS training, contrast education, A&E training, reporting structure, among other, with support from ARIN.

In early 2019, RAD introduced CT IV contrast program in GPHC supported by Bayer and Philips Foundation. This includes contrast training and power injector installation, training, and protocol development.

RAD-AID’s next projects in Guyana include PACS installation, breast imaging program, and nursing.