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RAD-AID Volunteers in Laos, January 2023

As part of its Children’s Health program, RAD-AID began work at the Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC) in 2015.  A team led by RAD-AID volunteer, Dr. Michael Reiter, traveled to Laos in May 2015, and performed a Radiology Readiness Assessment at LFHC to identify current facility capabilities, best-practice solutions and strategies for radiology service implementation.  RAD-AID has facilitated ongoing training and educational resources to local personnel and LFHC staff on radiology services through in-country volunteers and virtual correspondence. These educational resources have included, lectures, demonstrations, and clinical case discussions, on topics such as diagnostic methods, radiologic interpretation, quality control, patient safety, clinical workflow management, and referral system communications.

RAD-AID Laos Volunteer Providing Clinical Hands-On Education in Laos, 2023

Over the five years of collaboration between LFHC and RAD-AID, substantial and measurable progress has been made for hospital wide staff education and improved, diversified skills sets for the pediatric population. RAD-AID volunteers have opportunities for contribution to this project through in-country educational support, virtual training resources and stateside support with the RAD-AID operational goals.


RAD-AID Laos Partners Practicing Postitioning

The LFHC was also one of the original sites of the RAD-AID sponsored PACS installation program, now utilizing a fully functional donated “hybrid” PACS, which contains a local server as well as a cloud-based storage system for remote viewing from RAD-AID volunteers for in-depth consultation. A variety of opportunities exist for supporting this program. These opportunities include continued training in radiographic techniques, ongoing support of the PACS program, and expansion of the ultrasound training program with upcoming RAD-AID visits.  Join us in supporting this exciting outreach in Laos!

Multidisciplinary support opportunities are available!