Volunteer with RAD-AID Laos



LFHC technologists practicing radiographic positioning.

As part of its Children’s Health program, RAD-AID began work at the Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC) in 2015.  A team led by RAD-AID Pediatric Radiology Program Manager, Dr. Michael Reiter, traveled to Laos in May 2015, and performed a Radiology Readiness Assessment at LFHC to identify best-practice solutions and strategies for radiology service implementation.  RAD-AID has provided ongoing training and educational resources to local personnel and LFHC staff on radiology services, including lectures, demonstrations, and clinical case discussions, on topics such as diagnostic methods, radiologic interpretation, quality control, patient safety, clinical workflow management, and referral system communications.

Much progress has been made at the LFHC in the training program centered upon the performance of radiographic techniques, with increasing proficiency demonstrated through extended site visits by expert RAD-AID technologists with focused training and close supervision.  The LFHC was also one of the original sites of the RAD-AID sponsored PACS installation program, now utilizing a fully functional donated PACS with multiple viewing stations for hospital use.  Future directions for the program include continued training in radiographic techniques, ongoing support of the PACS program, and expansion of the ultrasound training program with upcoming RAD-AID visits.  Join us in supporting this exciting outreach in Laos!