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Mr. Quansah and Dr. Hewlett at the RAD-AID Conference

RAD-AID Ghana has been working in Ghana since 2012. Major activities and goals include:

  • Obtained PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)
  • Implemented and maintain RIS
  • Education for Radiologists, Residents, and Radiologic Technologists

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RAD-AID Ghana began in 2012 under the leadership of Seth Quansah and in close collaboration with Korle Bu Hospital. Mr. Quansah performed a Ghana Radiology Readiness in Ghana in 2012 and identified digital imaging and workstation development as a key strategic priority in Ghana to complement Ghana’s Ministry of Health implementation of new radiology hardware such as Computed Tomography (CT).

Multiple RAD-AID teams have returned to Ghana at Korle Bu to provide more training and information technology implementation. These teams acted in concert with the WHO Headquarters  in Geneva and in-country WHO teams.


Dr. Hewlett, Dr. Swett, and Dr. Tsetse

Since 2012, RAD-AID supports a full time IT specialist in Ghana. RAD-AID is grateful to Korle Bu’s faculty member and radiologist, Dr. Vincent Hewlett, for this collaboration. RAD-AID has also worked with the East African Aid Foundation to send and install radiology workstations in Ghana.

In 2014, RAD-AID Health Finance Director, Sarah Losifescu, initiated a micro finance program for health care workers in Ghana to pursue radiology technologist training.

In 2016, IBM gifted the radiology department at KBTH with a Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) by MERGE. The RAD-AID team installed many PACS work stations which would be maintained and propagated by the KBTH IT specialist, Ben Gyimah. This facilitates the imaging workflow at KBTH by allowing unprecedented image access, reporting and storage. Future endeavors include development of a Radiology Information Systems (RIS), which would allow for storage and retrieval of imaging studies. This would allow for implementation of MRNs and facilitate image archiving and management.

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Andrew Moro and Franklin Aidoo volunteering in Accra, Ghana