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RAD-AID Breast Imaging in Tanzania

Breast Cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths for women globally. In low and middle-income countries (LMICs), where health system resources are limited, women are diagnosed with breast cancer at a later stage and are more likely to die of the disease. In high-income countries, large populations of medically underserved women experience higher mortality rates from breast and cervical cancer.

Our mission
The mission of RAD-AID Breast Imaging is to help improve breast cancer outcomes and survival in women living in LMICs by promoting early diagnosis and screening of breast cancer, and to help strengthen the pathway from diagnosis to treatment by engaging multidisciplinary partners in surgery, gynecology, oncology, radiation oncology, pathology and nursing.

Breast Imaging Education

Our volunteers and projects
RAD-AID Breast Imaging works with our in-country partners on ongoing education, training and outreach initiatives in India, Peru, Guyana, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and the United States, and the list is growing! We recently announced the RAD-AID USA Women’s Health Access Program for increasing services to women of color and medically underserved communities. We have developed a Breast Imaging Radiology Readiness assessment tool that evaluates breast care specific infrastructure to plan, optimize resources, and create sustainable programs. Using innovative solutions, such as mobile outreach imaging, we seek to overcome the barriers that women face to access adequate health care.

RAD-AID Breast Imaging in Guyana

RAD-AID Breast Imaging volunteers come with diverse experience and practice backgrounds, and include radiologists, technologists, nurses, physicians-in-training and medical students. There are various volunteer opportunities that include travel, teaching, or donation of educational materials for use in our online curriculum. If you are interested in volunteering with RAD-AID Breast Imaging, please click here to apply, or email us for questions or additional information.

RAD-AID Breast Imaging Operational Leaders