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Who We Are

  • The UT Health Science Center at Houston RAD-AID chapter was established in August 2016 by Dr. Latifa Sanhaji MD with the support of Dr. Susan John MD, Chair of the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging
  • Our chapter prioritizes interprofessional and interdepartmental collaboration, including radiology faculty members, physicists, residents, medical students, technologists, nurses, and IT professionals
  • Chapter Chief: Latifa Sanhaji, MD
  • Chapter Vice-Chief: Saagar Patel, MD
  • Resident Secretary: Lynsey Maciolek, MD

2019 UTHSC McGovern RAD-AID Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand our efforts in advancing the health of the global community beyond our home in Texas by

    • Developing inter-institutional and interdepartmental collaboration on patient care projects serving the under-insured and at-risk patients, in the US and abroad
    • Providing a platform to our trainees to learn about and be involved in Global Health projects
    • Fostering and developing long-term inter-university and inter-hospital relationships between our chapter and the partner site
    • Continuous radiology education including residents, medical physicists, technologists, and attending faculty members
    • Implementing quality improvement and research efforts in our partner site
    • Promoting Health equity programs

Current Focus

  • We focus our international efforts on our partnership with Ibn Sina Hospital in association with University Mohamed V Medical School in Rabat, Morocco with whom have established a long-term ongoing relationship.
  • Except for the unique and exceptional year of 2020 during the global pandemic, we had previously made yearly trips to Morocco.
  • Each of these trips had a unique set of goals, objectives, and didactic sessions for all involved
    • Interactive, engaging, and hands-on educational sessions between faculty and residents
    • Quality improvement initiatives, including need assessment, planning and evaluation
    • Hands-on scanning and diagnostic imaging services in remote rural settings for direct patient care

Future Goals

  • Continue education via workshops, small group lectures, and journal club activities.
  • Set the basis for future long-term and productive research collaborations by sharing projects and ideas for quality improvement.
  • Further improve radiological services by focusing attention on imaging protocols, workflow, and efficiency.
  • Work alongside Moroccan radiologists to help further develop and improve upon an independent interventional radiology service by focusing on specific procedures.
  • Resume providing diagnostic imaging patient care in the rural setting when the pandemic permits.

Partner Sites

  • University Mohamed V Medical School, Rabat, Morocco
  • University Hospitals:
    • Main Ibn Sina Hospital: ER and Main Radiology Divisions
    • Specialty Hospital: Neuroradiology Division
  • Private Practice
  • Moroccan Society of Radiology

Our Next Trip

  • As the novel coronavirus has upended many aspects of all of our lives, it has also disrupted many of our planned trips for 2020 and 2021.
  • We plan to adapt and grow regardless, focusing on continued meaningful interactions and relationships through a virtual presence. We believe this technology will allow our two hospitals to maintain more frequent interactions, including didactics, journal clubs, research projects, and curriculum optimization.

Please refer to the document below (Reference Guide) for a detailed report on previous projects

Reference Guide – Click to Read More


Donate to support RAD-AID Morocco.

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