UT Health McGovern Medical School RAD-AID Chapter

The UT Houston Health Science Center’s RAD- AID chapter at McGovern Medical School was created in August 2016, by Dr. Latifa Sanhaji, MD, with the support of Dr. Susan John, MD, Chair of the Department of Diagnostic and Imaging. Our chapter favors interprofessional collaboration and includes faculty members, residents, medical students, technicians, nurses and IT professionals. Our goal is to promote and increase availability and exposure to imaging techniques, procedures and education that are either unavailable or limited in other places worldwide.

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We are hopeful that we will be able to accomplish the following goals by way of our RAD-AID chapter:

  1. Learn, explore and participate in the emerging field of Global Health Radiology.
  2. Utilize our expertise to provide support and help to underserved communities both locally and internationally, through education, clinical services and or technical capacity building.
  3. Partner with other departments within the UTHealth system, the Texas Medical Center at large, as well as other national chapters.
  4. Promote interprofessional collaboration between physicians, nurses, radiologic technicians, IT and Radiation Safety professionals.
  5. Create international partnerships with the mutual exchange of skills and resources.
  6. Add value to our residency program by introducing a Global Health Radiology Elective rotation.
  7. Educate residents in the various aspects of international missions in Radiology including assessment, planning, funding, execution and reevaluation of a global health project.

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Faculty Advisor: Latifa Sanhaji, MD

Resident Chapter Chief: Manoj Mathew, MD

Academic Affairs and Financial Lead: Mamie Gao

Lead Medical Student: Prestin Johnson

Media Lead: Samyuktha Balabhadra

Morocco Partnership Information

Partner Sites:

  • University Mohamed V Medical School, Rabat, Morocco
  • University Hospitals:
    • Main Ibn Sina Hospital: ER and Main Radiology Divisions
    • Specialty Hospital: Neuroradiology Division
  • Private Practice
  • Moroccan Society of Radiology


  • Completion of “Radiology Readiness Assessment” (trademark of Rad-Aid) in ethical framework, with special focus on interdisciplinary medical mobile caravan
  • November 2016: Overview of Moroccan Medical Training, Radiology Academia and Scientific Society
  • May 2017: ER Radiology and Disaster Preparedness Plan in Morocco – Residency /Fellowship
  • May 2018: Lectures and roundtables discussions:
    • Residency Program restructuring
    • Medical writing for publication in US journals
    • ER, NR and General Radiology needs
  • April 2019:
    • Lectures on ER and IR topics
    • workshops on workflow optimization and efficiency improvement
    • hands-on training on basic IR procedures
    • PACS, IR and Radiosafety Assessments
    • Mobile outreach with local NGO to remote medically underserved area


  1. Educational needs are paramount as radiologists opt for the more lucrative private practice rather than an academic career. So, we focused our efforts on the educational component with a series of lectures on topics of interests and offered a detailed view of our program followed by discussions on ways to restructure the Moroccan residency program. As the local academic faculty is limited in number, requests for online and onsite training has been suggested and will be offered on a regular basis by our team. Musculoskeletal, emergency and IR radiology case discussions and hands-on training on IR procedures will be offered as per request. Scholarly collaboration on articles and educational presentation has been initiated and a common educational exhibit has been accepted at ASER 2019 Annual Conference in Hawaii. Language will not be a barrier for collaboration
  2. Although large equipment is available, paucity of everyday supplies and lack of reliable PACS impact severely the workflow in the busy public hospital. We are working on facilitating access to US NGOs that could help with donation of needed supplies and developing an online donation site.
  3. Mobile clinics reaching remote areas need desperately a reliable funding. Imaging services are below standard. Portable US devices are desperately needed as well as control quality of the X-Ray machine.

Next Steps:

The next trip is scheduled for April 2020 and will be based on the results of currents assessments and requests from the local stakeholders.

Donate to support RAD-AID Morocco.

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