Ohio State University RAD-AID Chapter

The Ohio State University RAD-AID Chapter was founded in 2019.


The Ohio State University RAD-AID chapter was founded in 2019 by Dr. Amna Ajam, Neuroradiologist at the Ohio State University, to expand opportunities for global outreach. We are humbled to be added to the list of institutions associated with RAD-AID. We hope that membership in this organization will assist trainees, faculty and technologists from our institution to participate in expanding radiology global outreach opportunities. Many of our members are interested in traveling abroad to serve global communities and share knowledge.  Although the COVID pandemic has created new logistical challenges to implementing some planned projects, it has highlighted the need for global collaboration in promoting health in low-resource areas.

Our mission is to collaborate with other charitable and professional organizations to assist and provide medically underserved regions of the world with improved access to technology, training, and educational materials in medical imaging.

We are excited to hear about the partnership of American College of Radiology (ACR) and RAD-AID International to eliminate social and structural barriers that lead to head disparities in underserved communities. https://www.acr.org/Practice-Management-Quality-Informatics/ACR-Bulletin/Articles/October-2021/Improving-Access.

Chapter Chief: Amna Ajam

Faculty Vice Chief: Rukya Masum

Chapter Secretary:  Xuan Nguyen

Chapter Treasurer: Nidhi Krishna

Ongoing Projects:

Developing teaching and lecture materials for RAD-AID associated teaching partnerships

Recent Outreach Experiences:

  1. Dr. Amna Ajam and RAD-AID Volunteer, Sera Welychko, share their recent outreach experience with mammography during a RAD-AID trip to Karachi, Pakistan. Outlined in the webinar linked below, there is discussion regarding to set-up of the clinic in Karachi, services offered at the clinic, the role of the volunteers in the care of the patients, the logistical hurdles encountered during the trip, and a session of Q&A at the end.

Educational Programs:

Collaborate with other chapters to share and exchange lecture materials

Chapter webpage for content distribution to local residents

Maintain teaching file to use on future outreach trips


We’re looking for anyone interested in helping us plan and/or implement a volunteer project. There are multiple ways to contribute.  We believe it would be a fun way to learn about global health and to make a positive impact in improving healthcare access across the world.  We’re hoping to have an organizational meeting soon to brainstorm and decide on specific projects to pursue over the next year.  Please email us if you are interested.


Check back for updates on our ongoing projects and ways to get involved!



Membership is open to all OSU Radiology faculty, technologists and trainees.


Dr. Amna Ajam: amna.ajam@osumc.edu