Hofstra Northwell RAD-AID Chapter

Established in 2015, the Hofstra/Northwell Health Chapter of RAD-AID International was founded as a means of sharing in RAD-AID’s mission to bring Radiology to the underserved parts of the world.  The diversity of both Northwell’s catchment area as well as that of our own Department’s faculty, staff and trainees make involvement in Global Health a natural fit and garnered almost immediate internal and external support for our Chapter.

While members look forward to participating in RAD-AID’s educational endeavors such as Monthly Webinars, the Annual Meeting, and contributing to on-line educational material, our initial Chapter Project involves partnering with RAD-AID Latin America in Guyana.  We are currently working on a curriculum and the logistics of supporting the Guyanese in beginning a sustainable radiology residency training program at Georgetown Hospital.

With similar eagerness, we are in the process of organizing a formal rotation for our residents to participate in gratifying, eye-opening Global Radiology experiences.  The rotation will coincide with the project in Guyana when applicable.

Finally, radiology, no matter how basic, is dependent on reliable equipment.  During our initial trip to Guyana, we were made aware first-hand of the importance of a portable ultrasound machine used in the Georgetown Hospital A&E (Emergency Department).  It is used for emergent studies such as FAST scans many times a day.  The CT scanner is off site, so this machine routinely saves lives as decisions regarding emergent surgical management often comes down to its findings.  It had just returned from repair during our trip and it has again broken.  Our Chapter, in conjunction with two other sources, has pledged to purchase a new one.