Hofstra Northwell RAD-AID Chapter

Established in 2015, the Hofstra/Northwell Health Chapter of RAD-AID International was founded as a means of sharing in RAD-AID’s mission to bring Radiology to the underserved parts of the world.  The diversity of both Northwell’s catchment area as well as that of our own Department’s faculty, staff and trainees make involvement in Global Health a natural fit and garnered almost immediate internal and external support for our Chapter.

Our initial Chapter Project involved partnering with RAD-AID Latin America in Guyana.  We purchased a portable ultrasound machine to be used in the Georgetown Hospital A&E (Emergency Department). We worked with the RAD-AID team to create a curriculum and plan the logistics of beginning a sustainable radiology residency training program at Georgetown Hospital. In April 2018, the first group of Radiology residents from Guyana finished their five-month immersion course in our Hofstra North Shore LIJ Radiology residency program.

Our team of nurses, technologists, IT staff, attending radiologists, and resident radiologists have continued to support the Radiology Department in Guyana during on-site trips. We have helped with contrast administration training, didactic lectures, hands-on fluoroscopy/ultrasound training, and workstation teaching. We look forward to continuing to support the Radiology department in Guyana!