RAD-AID SoR Fellowship

RAD-AID SoR Fellowship for Diagnostic Radiographers, Therapeutic Radiographers, and Imaging Technologists

RAD-AID International and the Society of Radiographers are pleased to collaborate on a program designed to give diagnostic radiographers, therapeutic radiographers, and imaging technologists from the United Kingdom the opportunity to contribute to the health care needs of the developing world. Recipients of this award will join RAD-AID’s project teams in international initiatives designed to improve access to quality medical imaging for populations in need.

RAD-AID and SoR are taking applications for this program now! Please consider applying for this new opportunity to use your skills in service to developing regions of the world. The experience of working in a multidisciplinary team for radiology around the world can be personally and professionally fulfilling as you learn about other cultures and health care systems to use your talents for improving global health. For any questions about this program or the application process, please email the RAD-AID Technologist Programming via Richard Fucillo at rfucillo@rad-aid.org.

You are eligible to apply if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 3 years clinical experience in modality of practice.
  • Completed post-qualifying accredited education in your modality of practice or experiential training with testimony.
  • An active member of the SoR.

NHS Employer-Supported Volunteering Brochure

Program Benefits

Participants in this program receive the following key benefits:

  • Support for approved travel and related costs.
  • Structured project goals and strategies from RAD-AID Management Team.
  • Guidance from RAD-AID on international travel and safety, including vaccinations, visa application(s), and insurance.
  • Training on international cross-cultural etiquette from RAD-AID (via free participation in GlobeSmart online education modules) pertaining to your assigned host country (if available).
  • Collaboration with RAD-AID team members to publish your experiences in a scholarly journal, at the discretion of RAD-AID.
  • Opportunity to present, at the discretion of conference organizers, your work to a diverse imaging community of radiologists, technologists, nurses, business leaders, and technology experts at the annual RAD-AID Conference.
  • Networking with an expanding RAD-AID community, including the international health institutions involved in your project.

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