RAD-AID Opportunities for Physicians

RAD-AID physician leadership collaborating in Guyana.

RAD-AID offers many opportunities to doctors seeking to volunteer and help poor and underserved regions of the world, across a wide range of capacities including teaching, clinical support, assessments, equipment implementation, procedure-demonstrations, public health education, and much more. Global medical outreach broadens horizons by learning the interface between poverty, health, culture, and clinical practice. As physicians we grow professionally and personally by seeing patients, cases, and diseases outside of our usual daily routine and experiencing first-hand the medical and public health challenges of resource-scarcity in underserved areas.

Medical imaging and radiology are fundamental screening, diagnostic, and point-of-care technologies in healthcare, so RAD-AID’s work to increase radiology accessibility impacts nearly all subspecialties of healthcare, such as surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, trauma, natural disaster response, cancer, infectious diseases, maternal-infant health, and cardiovascular disease management. Consequently, the absence, inaccessibility or inadequacy of radiology has strong ripple effects across the health care sectors of low and middle income countries (LMICs). Your contribution as a physician can greatly help fill these critical gaps in patient care systems.

RAD-AID physician volunteer teaching in Nepal.

To put your skills to greatest use, RAD-AID designs its programs around the Radiology-Readiness Assessment, through which we analyze the existing resources (personnel, infrastructure, equipment, experience) at an institution along with the clinical goals of that institution (what diseases and populations need medical care), and then RAD-AID offers a targeted high-yield solution to fill in the key gaps for empowering existing resources to meet those goals. Physician volunteers are a central part of this process of how RAD-AID works.

Our online application will ask you some brief questions about your interests and background, so that we can match you to a RAD-AID team that will best match your skills to a high-impact project. Once selected for a team, you will receive RAD-AID’s pre-project orientation so that you can learn about the country, region, and hospital where you will serve. The pre-project orientation also helps you to talk with your team members and project leader in preparing the objectives and strategies that will make a lasting difference in our global health initiatives. The teams are multidisciplinary, including physicians, nurses, technologists, IT specialists, biomedical engineers, etc.,in order to ensure the right blend of expertise and experience for a project.

RAD-AID invites you to apply to join a RAD-AID team for bringing your valuable skills to a community in need.