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RAD-AID IR at University of Nairobi, Kenya


Interventional Radiology (IR) involves the performance of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using image-guidance to treat a broad range of diseases and conditions. These procedures involve the use of ultrasound (US), computed tomography (CT), and fluoroscopy modalities. IR is an innovative, highly technology and device-driven field, which has hindered its early adoption in resource limited settings. In addition to availability of imaging modalities including US, CT, and fluoroscopy, there are additional educational barriers that need to be considered when initiating a program.

For over 6 years, the RAD-AID Interventional Radiology Program has helped build and expand IR capabilities in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) to serve patients in need. RAD-AID helped start the first Kenyan IR Fellowship at University of Nairobi along with conducting annual IR-symposiums with the Kenya Association of Radiologists. RAD-AID is supporting IR outreach in Vietnam, Nigeria, Guyana, and Indonesia, in addition to implementing simulator-based education technologies in collaboration with Mentice. These efforts in RAD-AID IR are multidisciplinary for convening strong teams of IR physicians, technologists, nurses, IT-specialists, and medical physicists to bridge areas of diagnostic and interventional radiology with PACS, AI, quality-assurance, radiation safety, oncology, infectious disease, and referral networks. In 2023, RAD-AID IR began implementing tele-ultrasound for real-time image sharing of hand-held ultrasound images during image-guided procedures for education, consultation, and clinical support.

RAD-AID IR at University of Nairobi, Kenya

RAD-AID IR Program Mission Statement

The RAD-AID IR Program is dedicated to improving access to interventional services in low resource settings through education, training and other outreach endeavors.

RAD-AID SIR Global Interventional Radiology Program

RAD-AID International  and the Society of Interventional Radiology have partnered to give SIR members the opportunity to teach, guide, and mentor interventional radiology personnel in RAD-AID’s partner health institutions in low- and middle- income nations. SIR members will be an integral part of RAD-AID’s interdisciplinary clinical outreach teams. Additionally, RAD-AID and SIR are collaborating to offer funded volunteer opportunities to SIR member residents and fellows who will serve on RAD-AID teams at international sites. RAD-AID is accepting applications to volunteer in RAD-AID’s IR Programs from practicing interventional radiologists, trainees, IR technologists, nurses, and physicists. Apply today! Residents and Fellows who submit an online application and are eligible for the RAD-AID/SIR grant will be contacted by our team for an interview and supplemental application.

RAD-AID IR in Vietnam

IR Training Platform

RAD-AID IR has implemented a Global IR curriculum for clinical care and syllabus of procedures for the development of overseas programs.  These training programs will include regular webinars, hand-on workshops and international didactics. The RAD-AID IR Program collaborates with colleagues in Ghana, Guyana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Vietnam.

For questions, please email RAD-AID IR Program Leadership.

Volunteer with RAD-AID Interventional Radiology