Volunteer with RAD-AID Uganda

RAD-AID Volunteer – Radiograph Interpretation, Uganda 2022

RAD-AID is working with Missio Invest to support hospitals in Uganda, Ghana and Nigeria procure and implement radiology equipment. To compliment MissioInvest’s social impact grants, loans and investments for economic development in Africa, RAD-AID is providing in-parallel clinical and technical education for maximizing the positive impact of medical imaging. In this way, economic support and clinical education go hand-in-hand for empowering healthcare capacity building.

RAD-AID Volunteer Teaching Radiography – Uganda, 2022

In 2022, RAD-AID (with support from MissioInvest) provided radiology infrastructure support, expertise, and education at Kitovu St-Joseph’s Hospital. A team travelled on-site to assess the hospital’s readiness to implement a new and more advanced CT and to implement updated radiography and sonography equipment.

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