2021 RAD-AID Conference

2021 RAD-AID Conference 

The 13th annual RAD-AID Conference on International Radiology and Global Health was held virtually on Saturday-Sunday, Nov 6-7. Usually, RAD-AID Conference is hosted by the World Health Organization at the Pan American Health Organization Building in Washington DC. Due to the success of our 2020 virtual conference with over 500 registrants, and to support many countries struggling with COVID-19 and ongoing travel restrictions, we again offered a virtual format in 2021. 

Again, in 2021, the RAD-AID Conference had over 500 registrants, with participants attending and presenting from over 30 countries worldwide! Thank you to all that participated in our annual conference.

The 2021 Agenda is available for download.

Topics will include:

  1. On-Site and Online Tele-Ultrasound Support in Low and Middle-Income Countries
  2. Interventional Radiology: Tele-IR and Simulation for Education in Africa
  3. Point-of-Care Women’s Health Ultrasound for the Caribbean and African Settings
  4. Building Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging for Low-Resource Regions: Starting with Ghana
  5. Building Outreach for Solving Racial Health Disparities in the United States
  6. Patient Navigators and Radiology Capacity Building in High and Low-Income Countries
  7. Ultrasound Outreach in Tanzania, Malawi, and Laos
  8. Breast Imaging Strategies in Kenya
  9. Artificial Intelligence: Teach-Try-Use Model in Guyana and Nigeria
  10. Is Radiology AI Fair & Equitable in Africa and Latin America? Case Studies from Africa and South America on Potential Racial Bias in AI
  11. Cervical Health in Comprehensive Global Health Strategies
  12. How to Volunteer and Get Involved in RAD-AID
  13. The Art and Science of Volunteering Virtually
  14. Ethiopia Radiology Development
  15. Geographic Information Systems: New Maps for Global Health Radiology in Kenya, Tanzania, and Guyana
  16. South Pacific and Indonesia: Outreach Across Islands and Institutions
  17. RAD-AID Chapters Updates: Projects and Mentorship for Staff, Trainees & Students
  18. Radiology Nurses in Global Health: Accelerating Our Progress in IV Contrast Training, IR, and Ultrasound
  19. PACS: Remote Installations During COVID for Low-Resource Hospitals
  20. Radiation Oncology: Therapists, Oncologists, and Dosimetrists. Programs in Kenya, Peru, and Ethiopia
  21. Medical Physicists: Safety, Quality and Educational Strategies in Low and Middle-Income Countries
  22. Radiology Project Opportunities in Botswana.
  23. New Program: RAD-AID Mongolia 
  24. Breast Health Navigation in Radiology Global Health: Empowering Access and Health Literacy.