2020 RAD-AID Conference

Register for the 2020 Virtual RAD-AID Conference

The 2020 RAD-AID Conference on Global Health Radiology for Low-Resource Regions & Medically Underserved Communities is in its 12th year! Registration is now open.

This is an important annual event on Nov 7-8 for the RAD-AID community in bringing together our leadership, volunteers, partners, and supporters. See Preliminary Agenda.

Usually, RAD-AID Conference is hosted by the World Health Organization at the Pan American Health Organization Building in Washington DC. To strengthen our community and continue radiology capacity-building during this unprecedented time of pandemic and COVID-19 travel restrictions, RAD-AID 2020 will be a virtual online event for presentations, networking, and team-building.

CME/CE will be available for participants, including physicians, technologists, nurses, rad-onc therapists, and sonographers. Our events will include interactive sessions so that our participants can “meet” each other and hear more about global health radiology projects to bring essential life-saving medical imaging to resource-poor regions throughout the world. [Note: Technologist CE will be granted by ARRT recognized continuing education evaluation mechanisms. Physicians CME will be granted in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.]

We will be announcing more details on formats of the Conference sessions in the coming months. There will be 2 days of short presentations, panel discussions, and group break-out sessions on global health radiology topics on November 7-8.

Topics will include:

  1. Challenges & Opportunities of Web-Based Outreach during COVID-19
  2. Impact of COVID-19 on radiology global health
  3. AI and Global Health Ethics
  4. AI and Global Health Radiology Capacity Building
  5. ASRT 100th anniversary: the ASRT/RAD-AID Partnership for Global Health
  6. Operational Strategies for Mentorship and Leadership Development
  7. The Agile Organizational Model at RAD-AID: Agile Management & Global Health
  8. Nursing for Global Health Radiology: CT safety, maternal-infant health, health navigation, cancer screening, medical systems management, and more.
  9. RAD-AID Learning Center: Educational Innovation for Global Health Outreach
  10. Medical Physics and QA/QC for Image Quality and Safety
  11. PACS, Cloud, and IT Infrastructure Training
  12. Breast Imaging in Low-Resource Communities: The path towards earlier detection
  13. Interventional Radiology Programs in Kenya, Tanzania, Vietnam, and Ethiopia.
  14. Ultrasound training for Midwives during COVID19: Safeguarding maternal-infant health
  15. Simulators and Virtual Reality for IR training in low-resource settings
  16. RAD-AID USA: Serving the Underserved in US shortage areas
  17. The role of portable ultrasound in global health: point-of-care versus diagnostics
  18. 3D or 2D and role of AI: the future of breast imaging in low-resource communities
  19. What is Radiology-Readiness after 12 years of RAD-AID?
  20. RAD-AID Country-Reports – a resource for volunteer-preparedness and health service development
  21. Strategies for global health team-building: creating a vision, mentoring, and achieving outcomes
  22. Mentorship in Radiology Global Health
  23. Geographic Information Systems and Aircraft-based Mobile Outreach
  24. Pediatric Radiology in underserved regions
  25. Thirty-Five Countries will be covered throughout presentations (see map below)
  26. Medical Students: preparing the next generation of global health leaders
  27. RAD-AID Chapters: Global Health Mentorship & Project Development
  28. Medical supply chains in radiology capacity-building: challenges and opportunities
  29. Radiation Oncology and the Low-Resource Cancer Care Pipeline

Register for the 2020 Virtual RAD-AID Conference