Mallinckrodt RAD-AID Chapter

RAD-AID at Mallinkcrodt Institute of Radiology

The Mallinckrodt Insitute of Radiology (MIR) RAD-AID chapter was founded in July 2015 by a group of residents and staff interested in making radiology more available globally. Many of our members are interested in traveling abroad to serve global communities, while many are interested in sharing knowledge and serving the global community from here at MIR.

Currently, we collaborate with the INCAN national cancer hospital in Guatemala. Using contacts through the Washington University department of internal medicine, we identified this site as a location where we had strong contacts who were very interested in collaborating on a project there with us. An attending radiologist, resident, and ultrasound technologist from MIR will conducted a Radiology Readiness Assessment in May 2016.