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We welcome you to become part of RAD-AID as a growing global organization of advocates for medical technology in low resource regions.

Lahey RAD-AID Chapter

The Department of Radiology at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center is excited to be part of the RAD-AID organization. Our RAD-AID chapter was founded in 2019.

Beginning in 2020, we established a relationship with the Radiology Department at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) in Guyana.

GPHC is the country’s largest hospital. It is the only tertiary referral hospital and the main teaching hospital in Guyana. Located in the nation’s capital, it has approximately 400 inpatient beds and greater than 150 outpatient visits per day. Radiology procedures are between 68000-98000 per year.

Through a collaborative effort with GPHC, the University of Guyana, Northwell Health, and RAD-AID, the first class of Radiology residents matriculated on November 1st, 2017 and graduated in February 2021. The second class of residents began their training in June 2019.

The goal of our relationship with GPHC is to supplement and enrich radiology resident education and to provide subspecialty interpretations of imaging exams. Staff radiologists in the body and neuroradiology sections at Lahey currently participate in twice weekly remote virtual readout sessions with the radiology residents at the hospital. During these sessions, cases are reviewed and didactic lectures are given. We aim to incorporate Lahey radiology resident participation in the near future and look forward to eventual onsite rotations by both staff and residents.


Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Georgetown Public Hospital

The inaugural radiology residency class as 2nd year residents.


Chapter Chief: Christopher Scheirey

Chapter Vice Chief: Jeremy Wortman

Chapter Secretary: Paschalis Toskas