How You Can Help

We welcome you to become part of RAD-AID as a growing global organization of advocates for medical technology in low resource regions.

Our Mission-Welcome!

Hello & Welcome!

I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to our chapter mission!

What We, A Stony Brook Mather Radiology Residency Chapter, Plan To Do:
Choose an underserved region where we have an interest, complete a radiology readiness assessment, and collaborate on the following:
  • Image Gently Campaign to promote Radiation Protection
  • Provide CME and web based lectures for locally trained radiologists
  • Collaborate with local medical universities for hands on training sessions
  • Long Term: Facilitate establishment of Breast Imaging & IR Training Fellowships at local universities where they are currently unavailable


Why does it work?
  • Our goal is to educate and empower local professionals in 3rd world countries with limited access to radiology through sustainable partnerships


How is it done? 
  • Utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach (radiology techs, nurses, residents, attendings, PACS/IT) chapters engage in RADAID programs abroad through tele-education, have bi-annual chapter meetings, optional monthly webinars to learn what other RADAID chapters are doing successfully, and participation at the annual RADAID meeting.
Stay tuned for our next post where we’ll introduce a few of our key chapter members!
Amina Farooq (Vice Chapter Chief)