How You Can Help

We welcome you to become part of RAD-AID as a growing global organization of advocates for medical technology in low resource regions.

Monmouth Medical Center RAD-AID Chapter

Program Director/Chairman: Dr. Richard Ruchman

Faculty Advisor and Mentor for RAD AID International: Dr. Yasmeen Shariff

Chief of RAD AID MMC Chapter: Dr. Samana Zaidi

MMC is proud to announce its first RAD-AID International Chapter!

RAD-AID is an organization that aims to provide crucial radiology and medical imaging services to poor and developing regions around the world. There is no doubt that nearly every facet of medical care necessitates the need for therapeutic and/or diagnostic imaging. By improving access to imaging services, we can significantly impact medical outcomes in disadvantaged communities.

We had the pleasure of attending the 10th anniversary RAD-AID international conference at the WHO/PAHO in DC in 2018.  It was a truly inspiring event during which we met and spoke with many leaders in global health.

We encourage all our MMC colleagues from attendings and residents, to technologists and nurses to participate in our RAD-AID chapter in an effort to provide our services to those in need.

We are currently working in collaboration with other universities/programs to organize RAD-AID missions to Ethiopia, India, and Jamaica


Any questions please feel free to contact us using the following emails:

Dr. Yasmeen Shariff at

Dr. Samana Zaidi at