Chapter FAQs

Please review the RAD-AID Travel Policy document.

1.) Can we use RAD-AID’s 501(c)(3) and, if so, how?

US based chapters can use RAD-AID’s 501c3 status (i.e. offering tax deductions to donors) by having the donors write checks to RAD-AID International (include the name of your chapter on the memo line of the check) or make donations online (we can send you a dedicated link for your fundraising or donors can use the donation button on the web site). RAD-AID then issues a tax benefit email to the donor so that the donor can receive tax deduction for the donation. RAD-AID also provides you with a form that you can issue to the donor by filling in the amount donated and the person’s name. Donations from non US donors are not tax deductible. Although donations from non-US donors are not tax-deductible at this time, RAD-AID chapters in Canada can receive donated funds that RAD-AID then reserves for Canadian chapters’ use.

2) Are funds raised kept within the chapter’s institution or in an independent bank account?

Donated funds received by RAD-AID are then separated from the rest of RAD-AID revenues so that the donations are used only by the chapter that raised the funds and there is no fee for this service.

3.) Who has access to the account?

Donated funds are transferred to RAD-AID’s bank account and only RAD-AID management has access to that bank account for security reasons. However, your funds are kept separate from all other revenues so that your funds are only used for your chapter.

4.) How do we access the funds? Is there any minimum/maximum that can be withdrawn or any other stipulations for withdrawing funds?

Your chapter then uses the funds by either (1) doing transactions that RAD-AID pays for on your behalf or (2) submitting receipts to RAD-AID to be reimbursed. There are no limits or stipulations. Here are some examples:

One chapter is donating an ultrasound unit and they raised funds through the RAD-AID website link. RAD-AID will buy the ultrasound unit (by credit card or check) for the chapter, and then RAD-AID facilitates the donation so that chapter members do not have do the purchase contract and donation contract.

For travel arrangements, RAD-AID has an international travel agent that can arrange flights and lodging in developing countries. Those travel charges are billed to RAD-AID’s account, which RAD-AID can pay for using the funds you raised. If you want to organize your own travel without our agent, then receipts can be submitted to RAD-AID and RAD-AID reimburses the travelers from the funds you raised.

If you want to run an event, RAD-AID can pay for the event costs out of your raised funds or RAD-AID can provide reimbursements after receipts are submitted, which helps you because purchases through RAD-AID are tax-free.

5.) Are there fees for online donations?

Banks charge a 3% fee for online transactions and donations. The RAD-AID Chapters Program covers transaction fees, so no subtractions from the donations will occur.

6.) Have most chapters raised money through fundraising events (silent auction, gala, bake sale etc) or just by independent donation?

Chapters have done different things to raise funds, including all the methods you mentioned. Some chapters have found success by reaching out to alumni of the residency programs who may be eager to give back in this way.

7.) Would the money we raise ever be used for central RAD-AID events/costs (i.e. annual national conference) or other chapters?

No, the donated funds are only used for your chapter. If a Chapter wishes to support other RAD-AID initiatives and events, the chapter leadership may contact RAD-AID management to make arrangements.

8.) How can we set up a donation link on our chapter’s webpage?

If you are interested in placing a donation link on your chapter’s web page on, please email us at and we can send you a custom link for donation processing.

9.) May we have a copy of RAD-AID’s 501(c)(3) determination letter and tax ID #?

This can be made available upon request.

10.)  Why is there a yearly renewal?

It is important to RAD-AID that your chapter grows and maintains the support of your institution. Since many people graduate from academic training institutions on a yearly basis, it is expected that the membership of your chapter may change significantly from year-to-year. Therefore, to ensure that your chapter has approval from the faculty and that involvement in the chapter stays active, it is essential that the RAD-AID chapter renew its commitment each year.

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