RAD-AID USA Women’s Health Access Program

RAD-AID and Breast Care for Washington (BCW) launching mobile 3D mammography for underserved areas of the DC metropolitan area, with support from Hologic.


Death rates from breast and cervical cancer are disproportionately high among women of color in the United States (Source: CDC).  RAD-AID is teaming up with Hologic and Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI) to deliver innovative multidisciplinary women’s healthcare, including public health outreach, nursing and community navigation, breast and cervical cancer screening, radiology, and other medical services for women of color in the United States.

Under Dr. John Scheel’s leadership of this initiative, our evidence-based approach will deliver breast cancer screening and diagnostic services in regions of the United States where healthcare inequalities disproportionately impact women of color. Our solution will serve patients by mobilizing RAD-AID’s 14,000+ volunteer radiologists, technologists, nurses, radiation oncologists/therapists, IT professionals, health (nurse and community) navigators, and public health specialists for new service models that overcome racial barriers. Apply here to Volunteer.

Hologic’s grant to RAD-AID will advance innovative care, radiology, public health education, and nurse navigation at multi-regional sites specially selected by RAD-AID as clinical partners to provide screening and diagnostic breast imaging, and treatment for women who may otherwise go without.

Sites and facilities under development for this program include Bronx/Washington Heights of New York, South Side Chicago, Washington DC, North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, Seattle/Pacific Northwest, and Colorado.

*If you would like to volunteer in the RAD-AID USA Women’s Health Access Initiative for this effort to end racial healthcare disparities, apply now.

*Institutions interested in collaborating with RAD-AID on this cervical and breast health initiative can submit a brief 1st-round application here.

*Donations to RAD-AID for this work & our mission can be made here.