Our Chapter Leaders: RAD-AID SUNY Stony Brook at Mather

Welcome to our chapter page,

I wanted to take a moment and introduce our chapter leaders, and provide some insight into why each of us is passionate about RAD-AID, let’s jump right in!


Chapter Chiefs: 

Dr. Mohammad Bilal, MD is an interventional radiologist practicing at Mather Hospital in Long Island. He is passionate about global health, having just returned from a medical mission trip in the Dominican Republic. Here are his reasons for wanting to lead a RAD-AID chapter:

“RAD-AID provides an international forum to connect, promote and deliver medical imaging resources to those faced with global health challenges and dilemmas in accessing standard patient care. This also provides a fertile learning environment for the incoming generation of radiologists as they contribute to global health initiatives.”

Dr. Kenny Lien, MD is an interventional radiologist at Mather Hospital in Long Island. He has long been a proponent of global health initiatives, and was instrumental in bringing RAD-AID to fruition at our program.

Chapter Vice Chief:

Amina Farooq, MD is a radiology resident at SUNY Stony Brook at Mather who is passionate about global health partnerships. Her passion for global health stems from watching both of her physician parents become extensively involved in local and global health missions and philanthropy. She has participated in medical mission trips with organizations such as International Medical Relief as a medical student, and hopes to bring lessons she has learned from those experiences as well as experiences during her training as a radiology resident with her as she explores more ways to bring radiology across borders.


Chapter Secretary:

Chad Downing, MD is a radiology resident at SUNY Stony Brook at Mather. Here’s what he has to say about why he’s passionate about RAD-AID:

“Rad-aid provides a platform for us to care for underserved communities, both in the United States, and around the world.”

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about our first RAD-AID Chapter Meeting!



Amina Farooq (Vice Chapter Chief)