Volunteer with RAD-AID Kenya

In 2014, RAD-AID collaborator, Dr. Woojin Kim, returned to Kenya to lead multiple training workshops on clinical radiology and digital imaging technologies. Dr. Kim works with the Pan African Congress on Radiology and Imaging (PACORI). He is part of a collaborative initiative called AFROSAFE which involves PACORI, Image Gently, and the International Atomic Energy Agency to focus on radiation protection in Africa. In his work with the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, Dr. Kim works with local partners to provide continuous medical education and lectures via web presentations.

RAD-AID in Kenya: Chacha Magabe, IR Division Chief, University of Nairobi; Aideen Briones, RAD-AID Nursing; Bob Dixon, Program Manager, RAD-AID Kenya; Professor James Machoki, College of Health Sciences Principal, University of Nairobi; Andrew Kesselman, Director, RAD-AID IR; Jessica Stewart, RAD-AID Kenya; Gladys Mwango, Chair, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Medicine, University of Nairobi

RAD-AID’s Radiation Oncology Program travels to Kenyatta National Hospital and MOI Hospital in conjunction with the University of Nairobi to do educational lectures and hands-on sessions. Currently, Dr. Vikki Mango, Director of RAD-AID Kenya, leads the program with emphasis on breast imaging and interventional radiology training in Nairobi. Additionally, RAD-AID is working with the University of Nairobi and Aga Khan Hospital to create an IR training program and Fellowship in Kenya.