Cervical Cancer Outreach

In the U.S., women of color are 1.7 X more likely to die from cervical cancer (OMH, 2020). RAD-AID’s cervical cancer outreach program targets healthcare disparities to improve screening and treatment. Our multidisciplinary strategy invites nurses, primary care providers, gynecologists, and public health professionals to join our team. We are designing and implementing new care models for providing better access for women who experience barriers to cervical health services.

RAD-AID’s patient and provider education for women’s health outreach.

How to get involved: 

  • Listen to RAD-AID’s expert panel on Cancer Care Prevention
  • Volunteer in cervical health outreach
  • Sign Petition for ending cervical health disparities
  • For Institutions: apply to become partner USA Cervical Care sites




RAD-AID’s interdisciplinary trainings and patient-navigation development for cervical cancer outreach.