Operational Leaders

RAD-AID India and PGIMER Leadership

RAD-AID has a diverse team of talented leaders providing vision and management to develop, implement and grow RAD-AID’s global health and international radiology outreach programs. RAD-AID’s management team consists of three key components to bring the best talent, experience and expertise to the development of RAD-AID programs: Operational, Regional and In-Country Leaders.

RAD-AID Operational Leaders have functional expertise and responsibilities, such as women’s health, educational strategy, instructional content, clinical implementation, health finance, technologist development, nursing, pediatrics, informatics, etc.


RAD-AID Volunteer

RAD-AID Regional Leaders have expertise and responsibility for country-based program development to develop strategies optimized for the cultural, economic, technological, and medical attributes of individual communities and nations’ health care systems.

RAD-AID In-Country Leaders work together with RAD-AID Operational Leaders and Regional Leaders. These RAD-AID In-Country Leaders are the advocates, stakeholders and community-based health care personnel living and working in limited-resource regions to bring about advancements.

This integrated approach at RAD-AID bridges a wide range of subject-matter expertise, country-based knowledge, regional focus, and local empowerment to optimize sustainable local health care. This management team has enabled RAD-AID to grow programs all over the world and we invite you to read the biographies of our leadership members.