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 RAD-AID Headlines

(May 2013 ) :  RAD-AID in India for Asha Jyoti collaboration.  RAD-AID in Haiti for workshops and training sessions in Port-au-Prince. RAD-AID featured in Columbia Medicine Magazine for innovative service programs in the developing world.  

(August-September 2012) :  RAD-AID Team returns to India for mobile women's health collaboration with PGI Chandigarh.  RAD-AID finalizes technical collaboration agreement with World Health Organization Pan American Health Organization.  RAD-AID launches partnership with ASRT, sending first 2 award recipients to India for work on mammography and bone densitometry.  

(January 2012) :  RAD-AID Teams work in Haiti and India including. RAD-AID initiates work with WHO/PAHO to produce Spanish Radiology-Readiness.  RAD-AID Conference White Paper of 2011 accepted for publication in Journal of American College of Radiology (JACR). 

(November 2011) :  RAD-AID Conference 2011 was a great success; see details HERE. RAD-AID Summit with World Health Organization (WHO) November 3-4. 

(October 2011) :  RAD-AID Partners with American Society of Radiologic Technologists to build collaborative global service teams and educational programs. 

(September 2011) :  RAD-AID presents at the Society of Chairs of Academic Radiology Depatments (SCARD) on international radiology service for the developing world.  

(June 2011) :  RAD-AID makes presentation at Ghana's embassy in Washington DC (Read more).  RAD-AID attends Project HOPE Gala in NY: HOPE in the Face of Crisis.  RAD-AID attends Aid and International Development Forum.  RAD-AID Partners with Association for Radiologic and Imaging Nursing

(April 2011) :  RAD-AID presenting to the faculty and residents of Columbia University on new programs in India, China, Haiti, and Africa for international radiology and global public service.

(March 2011) :  RAD-AID launches International Radiology Faculty Program in China. Dr. Charles Maxfield of Duke and Dr. Doris Lin attend Chinese Society of Radiology meetings in China to launch RAD-AID's educational program in China.  

(January 2011) :  RAD-AID India team goes to Chandigarh and New Delhi to work on Women's Health.  LEARN MORE

(November 2010) :  RAD-AID Conference 2010 features presenters on projects from all over the world: READ SUMMARY 

(September 2010) :  RAD-AID wins Google Grant for online service development.  RAD-AID forms partnership with Aperian GlobeSmart for multicultural education for overseas volunteers and staff.

(August 2010) :  RAD-AID featured in Scientific American for Radiology Readiness (click to read article) projects in India and China. RAD-AID prepares to send volunteer to Haiti in September 2010 and is analyzing summer work in Uganda.

(July 2010) :  RAD-AID Management Team visits India and China for Radiology-Readiness Initiative with Project HOPE.   RAD-AID White Paper Published in JACR in July 2010 Issue (Click to Read Paper)

 (June 2010) :  Duke RAD-AID wins global health grant for new educational programs.   RAD-AID program in Uganda begins. 

 (April-May 2010) :  Registration Opens for RAD-AID Conference of 2010 on International Radiology for Developing Countries.  

 (February-March 2010) : Journal of the American College of Radiology  (JACR) accepts RAD-AID Conference White Paper for publication to be published in July 2010.  RAD-AID joins forces with Project HOPE and ACR to assist Haiti.  Radiology-Readiness research framework engages Tier 1 and Tier 2 Analysis.

 (January 2010) : RAD-AID launches partnership with Engineering World Health. Learn more at RAD-AID PARTNERS page.

(November 2009) : RAD-AID Conference on International Radiology for Developing Countries Demonstrates Clinical, Economic, and Technology Models for serving developing countries

(October 2009) : RAD-AID CEO appointed to the American College of Radiology's International Outreach Foundation

(September 2009) :  RAD-AID is featured in an rt-image.com article highlighting the strong support for international outreach groups in the radiology community.

(September 2009) :  RAD-AID's innovative networking efforts are featured in the September 2009 ACR Bulletin article entitled "Why Radiologists  are Turning to Social Media: It's All About Web 2.0".

(August 17, 2009) RAD-AID blog answers your questions about the role of radiology in international development.

RAD-AID is the largest Radiology Causes page on Facebook and has a new Fan Page!

(July 10, 2009) : RAD-AID attends International Aid and Trade Conference 2009.  Find out more on our blog!

(April 10, 2009) :  RAD-AID submits first research abstract for publication at RSNA

 (March 16, 2009) : RAD-AID International partners with Project HOPE to optimize radiology services for 35 countries.

(February 15, 2009) : RAD-AID International deploys online survey and grows membership to 70 health personnel.

(August 1, 2008) : RAD-AID International is founded by team of radiologists at Johns Hopkins.