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RAD-AID cares a great deal about your opinions. So, RAD-AID frequently surveys the world in search of great ideas and the perspectives of members, volunteers, health personnel, business leaders, technologists, engineers...you name it, we survey them. 

Why do all these surveys? Because data and information are the keys to good work in developing countries, we believe in having great data to grow new ideas.  Projects in developing countries need to start by understanding the problem and taking an inventory of our resources to solve those problems. 

For example, we started out in early 2009 with a large online survey of health personnel about medical imaging in third world countries. We found that 93% of health personnel who had worked in developing countries reported radiology to be missing or completely inadequate; 75% said that infectious disease control was the leading need for better imaging. We write up these findings and publish them in medical journals for health care workers and policy makers to learn from.