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RAD-AID Conference on International Radiology

Each year since 2009, RAD-AID holds a free conference at Johns Hopkins on international radiology for developing and emerging countries to improve global health services. The RAD-AID Conference brings together nongovernmental humanitarian organizations, academic medical centers, government, and businesses with individuals of all backgrounds such as radiologists, public health officials, technology engineers, economists, medical technologists, nurses, physicians, and business leaders. 

The conference is a lively interactive forum with discussions of how medical imaging can be improved to boost international health care. The RAD-AID conferences produced consensus white papers published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology JACR 

Presentations at the conference include new global community service programs, emerging research on clinical models for delivering imaging services to limited-resource regions, international economic development strategies, innovative technology approaches for building radiology abroad, and educational programs for those interested in serving internationally, such as residents, students, and practicing health personnel.  

Stay tuned for the posting of the 2013 RAD-AID Conference by checking back to this page.