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The Mobile Electronic Device (MED) Pilot Study



Recognizing that access to educational resources is a crucial piece of the radiology outreach puzzle, RAD-AID is pleased to announce a recent partnership with the World Radiography Educational Trust Fund (WRTEF) to research an alternative method of delivery of radiography-specific educational content to imaging departments within the developing world.

Funded through a generous grant from the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) Foundation, Jonathan Mazal, MS, RT(R)(MR) and Rebecca Ludwig, PhD are leading a pilot study on the use of mobile electronic devices (MEDs) as a platform for delivering a robust collection of radiology related e-books, PDFs, and point of care apps to global imaging departments in need on a sustainable basis.





Here are a few highlights of this innovative approach:

  • Low cost of MED devices allows for decreased project overhead
  • DROID operating system allows for utilization of FLASH media functions
  • Utilization of vendor-hosted cloud networking capabilities allows for delivery of future content to globally distributed devices
  • Wi-Fi device capability eliminates need for internet subscription service
  • RAD-AID Radiology Readiness tool allows for detailed assessment of need for the educational resource
  • 8GB memory capacity allows for large volumes of content on a palm sized device

Please contact Jonathan at: [email protected] with any questions regarding this project.