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RAD-AID believes that in order for a health care outreach program to be sustainable and help impoverished communities in the long-term, non-profit program planning requires the same diligence and planning as that devoted to new programs in the corporate world. To that end, RAD-AID has partnered with The Graduate School of Business at Columbia University's renowned Pangea Advisors to assist with project planning and business plan development.

Columbia's Pangea Advisors have worked with RAD-AID on creation of the mobile women's health outreach program in India in 2010-2011, and is currently working with RAD-AID leadership in 2012 on development of it's online Learning Management System (LMS) which will provide distance learning resources for local health workers in developing countries.  

By developing these buinsess plans for RAD-AID's work, objectives include: 

  • Analyzing current radiology and online educational services available
  • Utilization assessment including access to radiologic education in specific geographical regions
  • Demographic study for identifying potential users
  • Prioritization of educational services to be offered
  • Investments required for prototype deployment and scaled-up roll-out. 
  • Integration of the appropriate partners, including leveraging expertise and learnings from previous and existing programs
  • Relationships with sponsors, governments and related NGOs
  • Operational and financial planning, with identification of essential milestones quality measures.