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2012 RAD-AID Conference 

2012 RAD-AID Conference on Radiology for Developing Countries  

October 27, 2012, hosted by Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD

The Fourth Annual RAD-AID Conference was held on October 27th at Johns Hopkins, attended by 128 participants, which doubled the 2009 attendance and grew ~40% from 2011.  The growth and strength of the conference reflects its unique composition of presentations and interactive panels discussing radiology projects from all over the world. 

The forum (audience photo at top left) is interdisciplinary, consisting of NGOs, academic medical centers, radiologists, technologists, nurses, humanitarian aid workers, businesses, and engineers. Continuing education credits were made available for MDs, technologists and nurses due to the generous respective sponsorships from American College of Radiology (ACR), American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), and the Association for Radiologic and Imaging Nursing (ARIN).

The 2012 RAD-AID Conference began with a welcome from Dr. Jonathan Lewin, Chairman of Johns Hopkins Radiology (photo at top right). This welcome was then followed by an overview of the conference from RAD-AID's President and CEO, Dr. Daniel J. Mollura, which included yearly developments on RAD-AID's learning management system (LMS), chapters program, Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) membership, mobile app development, India Women's Health program, and RAD-AID's new WHO/PAHO partnership.

The first panel, Economics of International Radiology, featured presentations from Dr. Frank Lexa (photo second from top left) of Drexel University (Radiology) and The Wharton School, Sarah Iosifescu, RAD-AID Global Health Fellow, and Jennifer Daugherity of the U.S. Department of State (photo second from top right). These presentations covered the US-China relationship in radiology partnerships, institutional radiology planning in developing countries, and an overview of the field of humanitarian assistance and international donor trends, respectively.

The second panel, Public Health of Global Radiology, featured Dr. Pablo Jimenez of the World Health Organization Pan American Health Organization (WHO/PAHO) giving an overview of the RAD-AID/WHO parntership for services in Latin America. CRUDEM Foundation's Board Member, Deb O'hara-Rusckowski (photo fourth from top left) presented on the RAD-AID/CRUDEM partnership in Haiti and the role of nursing in primary care devellopment for Haiti. ARIN's Board Member, Emily Timmreck presented on radiologic nursing roles in global health, with emphasis on ARIN's participation in RAD-AID's projects in Haiti. Dr. Philip Kenny (photo third from top right), presented on the mobile breast imaging program for rural underserved regions of Arkansas as a model for mobile outreach into resource-limited regions. 

The third panel,  Clinical Imaging Models and Radiology Service Strategies for the Developing World, presented a range of medical imaging approaches for limited resource regions. The first segment of the third panel had presentations from Tarek El-Shayal of the East Africa Aid Foundation (photo fifth from top left), Dr. Tariq Gill of Radiologists without Borders (RWB) (photo sixth from top left), Seth Quansah (RAD-AID Global Health Fellow) on RAD-AID Ghana (photo third from top left), with a joint presentation from Kayiba Medlen and Carries Hayes on RAD-AID Haiti (radiography and ultrasound, respectively). Panel photo is shown at right.  

The second segment of the third panel continued discussion of clinical models, featuring Dr. Tulika Singh (Assistant Professor) (photo seventh from top left) and Dr. Niranjan Khandelwal (Chairman) (photo fifth from top right) of the Department of Radiodiagnosis at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) Chandigarh, India, presenting on Asha Jyoti ("Ray of Hope" in Hindi) mobile women's health outreach in breastcancer, osteoporosis, and cervical cancer screening. RAD-AID India Co-Directors, Dr. Kathryn Everton and Anna Starikovsky Nordvig presented on the RAD-AID portion of the Asha Jyoti program. 

Liana Watson and Phelosha Collaros of the ASRT (photo sixth from top right), gave a presentation that outlined the scope of the new RAD-AID/ASRT fellowship program for technologists. Billy Teninty (shown eighth from top left) presented on equipment donation, design, and implementation from Duke's Developing World Healthcare Technology Laboratory.

 The fourth panel, International Education, presented educational strategies for training health personnel involved in medical imaging in the developing world. The panel moderator was Dr. William Mayo-Smith of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Committee on International Relations and Education (CIRE). Presenters included Dr. Kristen DeStigter of Imaging the World (ITW) on training ultrasound personnel in Uganda, Dr. Ezana Azene on RAD-AID's online learning program, Dr. Matthew Lungren on RAD-AID's University Chapters program for grass roots project development at academic medical centers, and Dr. Ali Tahvildari (photo ninth from top left) on radiology rotations from Emory University in Ethiopia, (with panel showing these speakers left to right in photo at right).

The fifth panel,  Technology for Radiology and Health Care in Developing Countries, presented technology innovation for imaging services in limited resource regions.  Dr. Brian Garra (photo tenth from top left) of Imaging the World (ITW), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, presented on informatics for medical imaging in limited resource regions. Jonathan Mazal (RAD-AID Conference Manager and RAD-AID Director of Technologist Programming) spoke on mobile electronic device (MED) utilization for technologist education, and Filip Dabek (RAD-AID Mobile applications developer) presented on mobile software and RAD-AID's app for smartphones and tablets (panel speakers shown left to right in photo at right). 

The conference concluded with a final overview session and audience interactive forum with Dr. Mollura, for developing ideas for the 2012 RAD-AID White paper and plans for the 2013 RAD-AID Conference.

*The video from Radiology Mammography International (RMI) was presented at the RAD-AID Conference before panel commencement in the afternoon, summarizing the work of Dr. Richard Hirsch in leadership of RMI.

**Presenters' slide decks from the conference will soon be shown below as non-downloadable flash media files for online viewing.