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RAD-AID Conference Manager, Director of Radiologic Technologist Program 

Jonathan Mazal, MSRS, RT(R)(MR)

RAD-AID's conference on International Radiology for Developing Countries has become an annual event bringing together health care providers, academic institutions, business leaders, humanitarian NGOs, and radiology organizations to discuss and develop ideas for improving medical imaging in the developing world. Jonathan Mazal has been the RAD-AID Conference Manager since 2011, which was a great success, raising attendance 50% over prior years, offering CE credit to technologist attendees, and increasing presentations from all over the world.  

Jonathan also manages RAD-AID's radiologic technologist program, which is an important part of RAD-AID's multidiscplinary strategy integrating MDs, techs, nurses, engineers, physicists, public health professionals, and business leaders to form well-rounded teams for global health outreach. Jonathan manages the RAD-AID ASRT joint fellowship program, offering funded fellowships for ASRT members to join RAD-AID teams.  

As a technologist trained at The Ohio State University, Jonathan graduated in 2011 from The Ohio State University Medical Center's Radiologist Assistant Program.  With this background, Jonathan has outstanding experience in the planning and execution of imaging programs, having worked with radiologists, nurses and technologists on research and patient care.  Jonathan also has a longstanding commitment to the needs of the developing world. He has authored several articles on radiology in the underserved regions of the world, including, "RTs Answer Haiti's Cry for Help" (ASRT Scanner, 2010 June-July), "Imaging in Sierra Leone: A Radiographer's Experience" (ACR-IVS Interlink Fall 2010 Newsletter), and "Radiologic Philanthropy: Profiles of Four Ohio RTs" (ASRT Scanner, 2010 Oct-Nov) to name a few.

Jonathan is also the Moderator of RAD-AID's Facebook Forum, which has grown under his leadership to over 700 participants. He also has overseas experience with radiology in Nepal. 

If you have any questions about the RAD-AID Conference or other technologist programs, please contact Jonathan at [email protected]